STORM Insights, Inc is an emerging technology market intelligence firm, providing research and advisory services for tech buyers, sellers, and investors.

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Services ...

  • NEW - The #ModernAI Network (#MAIN) A private, moderated forum for buyers, vendors and investors in #ModernAI & Cognitive Computing Technology.  Launch Q1 2017. Pre-launch discounts apply.


  • STORM publishes in-depth reports on specific market segments- such as machine learning, natural language processing, cloud computing, or data management tools - that includes profiles of emerging vendors and technologies, investment trends, and notes on specific markets that are successfully deploying these technologies.
  • STORM also publishes our analysis of developments in the modern AI/cognitive computing market, with forecasts and our summary of questions and comments from technology buyers to provide guidance for buyers and a snapshot of trends for vendors.
  • We issue research alerts when there is an update to a product or vendor record in the STORM database/directory of emerging technology vendors. Alerts will explain the market significance of the update/announcement to buyers, vendors, and investors. Clients may register a profile of interests - including specific geographies, industries, technologies, and vendors - to refine the alerts they receive. Clients are encouraged to schedule a call regarding the impact of specific alerts/events on their activities.

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Introducing the #ModernAI Network

Adrian Bowles, Founder of STORM Insights Inc, provides a definition of "#ModernAI" to distinguish the field from traditional AI research, and describes #MAIN - The #ModernAI Network - our new collaborative research and advisory annual service.