The Age of Reasoning

                                           How Cognitive Computing, The Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing

                                                are Transforming Business and Society


In this new book by Adrian Bowles you’ll learn how three interrelated technology trends are combining to transform applications, industries, and the way we interact with one another in cities and nations. Learn how automating and distributing logical reasoning can improve decision-making to augment almost every aspect of our daily lives and move markets.

Read The Age of Reasoning to identify and leverage new opportunities for Cognitive applications and appliances, fueled by streaming data from Internet-connected devices and implemented in the Cloud.

The book is aimed at executives who need to understand - now - how to develop winning strategies and tactics based on these emerging technologies. Filled with clear diagrams and definitions - with summaries on every page - a reader can pick up the basic concepts in an evening and then explore the nuances and details at their leisure.         

Approximately 175 pages, Available Q1 2018

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